Leading the Way with EPA’s “Lead-Safe Firm” Certification

a commercial property with masking and drops to protect from lead-based paint

Palo Verde Painting is proud to announce that we have been awarded the prestigious “Lead-Safe Firm” certification by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This certification solidifies our commitment to environmental safety and underscores our dedication to providing top-notch services to our clients. With this certification, we are now equipped to conduct Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) Activities in compliance with EPA regulations.

At Palo Verde Painting, we understand the importance of environmental responsibility and the hazards associated with lead-based paint. Lead exposure poses serious health risks, especially in commercial settings where large populations may be affected. Our “Lead-Safe Firm” certification enables us to address these concerns comprehensively, ensuring the safety of our clients and their occupants.

So, what services can Palo Verde Painting offer to our commercial clients?

The Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) Rule establishes requirements for firms and individuals performing renovations, and affects contractors, property managers and others who disturb painted surfaces. It applies to work in houses, apartments and child-occupied facilities (such as schools and child care centers) built before 1978. It includes pre-renovation education requirements as well as training, firm certification and work practice requirements.

  • Historic Buildings: Many historic buildings contain layers of lead-based paint, posing significant health risks to occupants and restoration workers. Palo Verde Painting specializes in preserving the architectural integrity of historic structures while safely removing lead-based paint to meet modern safety standards.
  • Commercial Complexes: Office buildings, shopping centers, and industrial facilities constructed before 1978 are likely to contain lead-based paint. Our certified professionals can assess and mitigate lead hazards in commercial complexes, ensuring compliance with EPA regulations and protecting occupants from exposure risks.
  • Educational Institutions: Schools, daycare centers, and educational facilities are especially vulnerable to lead-based paint hazards. Palo Verde Painting provides comprehensive lead testing and renovation services to create safe and healthy learning environments for students, faculty, and staff.
Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) Activities

Many older commercial properties undergo routine maintenance, renovations, and painting projects that may disturb lead-based paint. Palo Verde Painting employs safe practices and advanced techniques to minimize lead exposure during RRP activities, including:

  • Tenant Improvements: Renovating leased spaces in commercial buildings requires careful consideration of lead-based paint hazards. Our team works closely with property managers and tenants to ensure that RRP activities are conducted safely and efficiently, minimizing disruptions and liability risks.
  • Exterior Refurbishments: From repainting facades to restoring architectural details, exterior refurbishments can expose workers and bystanders to lead dust and debris. Palo Verde Painting utilizes containment measures and specialized equipment to contain and remove lead-based paint safely, protecting both our team and the surrounding environment.
Paint Testing and Inspection

Identifying lead-based paint is the first step towards ensuring a safe environment. Palo Verde Painting utilizes EPA-recognized test kits to assess the presence of lead-based paint in commercial structures, including:

  • Pre-Purchase Inspections: Prospective buyers and investors rely on accurate assessments of lead-based paint hazards when evaluating commercial properties. Our certified inspectors provide detailed reports and recommendations to help clients make informed decisions and mitigate potential liabilities.
  • Routine Maintenance Surveys: Regular maintenance surveys are essential for identifying deteriorating paint surfaces and lead hazards in commercial buildings. Palo Verde Painting conducts thorough inspections and testing to identify areas of concern and develop proactive maintenance plans that prioritize occupant safety and regulatory compliance.
Education and Awareness Programs

In addition to our core services, Palo Verde Painting is committed to raising awareness about lead-based paint hazards and promoting best practices for environmental safety. Through educational programs and outreach initiatives, we strive to empower our clients with the knowledge and resources they need to safeguard their properties and communities.

With our “Lead-Safe Firm” certification, Palo Verde Painting sets a new standard for excellence in environmental stewardship and professional craftsmanship. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional services that prioritize safety, quality, and sustainability, ensuring peace of mind for our commercial clients and the communities they serve.

For more information about our Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) Activities and EPA certification, please contact Palo Verde Painting today. Let us partner with you to create safer, healthier environments for generations to come.

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